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It would not have been possible without you!

Updated: May 7

In 2021 I had the honor of meeting a most amazing human being at a critical point in my career. I was over a year into my role as a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and feeling disillusioned in the fact that I was not practicing midwifery but was just a physician extender doing all the same things to women that I cringed at as a labor & delivery nurse. I longed to serve women in a personalized, relationship based, holistic, and natural model of care. Yet nurse midwives don't always get the holistic training CPMs receive. Margie Wallis is owner & CEO of Frisco Midwifery & Birth Center she is also a strong midwife advocate. Her actions speak louder than words. This wonderful woman took me under her wings and started sharing all her business practices with me as to encourage me and drive me into starting my own home birth midwifery practice, hence the birth of Baby Catcher, PLLC. I love the hours I spend with Margie, basking in all her wisdom, learning from her and standing in awe of the wonderful person God created her to be. It is no wonder that we midwives, student midwives, doulas, pelvic floor therapists, chiropractors, all love her.

If you are in the Frisco area and are in search of a wonderful midwife, a faithful servant of God, people and the midwifery community, please reach out to, interview and invest in Margie, hopefully she is not fully booked.

She can be reached at or 469-MIDWIFE

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