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Our Philosophy

At Baby Catcher we believe: Birth is a normal physiologic process: We trust that your body will to go through labor under its own innate power. Most people can give birth without medical intervention. Homebirth with a skilled birth attendant is the safest option for low-risk pregnancies and labor. Diversity should be honored and all family types should be celebrated. Community-based midwifery care, along with consultation and collaboration with other medical professionals, provides the best outcomes for mothers and babies. A healthy midwife-client relationship is based on mutual trust and respect. Midwives should be accessible to every person seeking that model of care.

Our ultimate goal is to advocate for women & the midwifery profession with the goals of transforming the view of birth as a normal physiologic process, increasing awareness and access to the benefits of midwifery care and improving family health initiated by improved health outcomes for mothers and babies at birth.  

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