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Partera Birth & Wellness Services offers water births: AKA "The Aquadural"

Updated: May 7

It is safe for you to be in water during labor if you have had no problems with your pregnancy and you do not have any complications during labor. The goal of using water during the birth process is to increase your comfort, peace and relaxation of so that you can better cope with labor and ease your baby's passage into the world.

Warm water can ease the pain and help you relax during labor. Women who labor in water experience less fear and stress, lowering their chances of needing pain medications. Being in water makes it easier to move and change positions and shortens your labor.

The first stage of labor starts when you have regular contractions and lasts until you start pushing. During this stage, the sight, the sound and being in water can be calming and help you cope with your contractions and relax between contractions.

Being in water during active labor can help your labor progress faster. When women are in water during early labor, sometimes contractions can slow down or stop for a while. Your providers will monitor the baby’s heart rate while you are in the tub. It can take some time to fill the tub with water and make sure the temperature is correct.

Some women feel that giving birth in water is an easier birth for the mother and a more gentle welcome for the baby because the birthing mother births her baby into an environment that is similar to the warm fluid protected space of the womb. There is a lower chance of having vaginal lacerations if you have a waterbirth.

We will make sure the temperature is correct and monitor your vital signs and the baby’s heart rate while you are in the tub.

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